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Being an entrepreneur with 30 years of experience and exposure in the field of travel and tourism industry is always makes me more passionate, willingness to improvise, listen to others and strong determination to succeed, moreover a philanthropist. This has taken me to the Managing Director of Osaka Group. My companion and partner Mrs. Bissy Boss is the Director at Osaka Group of Companies.. She is a compassionate and courageous woman who gave an integral contribution to my family and business. Ms Lakshmi Boss my daughter completed her post-graduation from Jindal Global University and working at the Embassy of Costa Ricca. Her ultimate focus is on IFS. Mr. Athul Boss, my son, is the Director at Osaka Group of Companies.

I strongly believe that technology is the heart of human progress in the world of today. We have been witnessing the marvelous benefits of technology in our lives. My prime focus is to incorporate tech-based innovations that would enhance quality of life and build sustainable business Models.

My message to the younger generations and the generations to come is just a few words “If you don’t embrace technology, you would not realize how fast your thoughts would be rendered obsolete“










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